Thursday, April 27, 2017
Coastal El Niño has passed but its aftermath remains
Ramiro Escobar

Intense warming of the waters along Peru´s coast highlights the lack of preparation and risk management.

Following nearly three months of storms, heavy rains, rising rivers, floodings and huaicos — a word of Quechua origin that refers to a mud and rocks avalanche coming down from a mountain —, Peru, mainly in its northern coast, can now breath, rise from the rubble, and begin to repopulate its towns and cities. The country finally gets ready to go back to their uneventful normal activities.see more
EL SALVADORBan on metal mining, a first step in a broader struggle
Edgardo Ayala
Law closes the door on underground and open-pit mining extraction, and also prohibits the use of cyanide and other chemical compounds used to process gold ore.. see more
ARGENTINAIndigenous people must be consulted on proposed legislation
Latinamerica Press
Court ruling exhorts the Córdoba government to implement prior consultation process before the approval of a legislative initiative on native forests.. see more
PARAGUAYDispute over presidential reelection triggers political crisis
Latinamerica Press
Violent protests to oppose constitutional reform project to allow consecutive or alternate presidential reelection approved by a group of senators.. see more
ECUADORLenín Moreno elected president by a slim margin
Latinamerica Press
Opposition candidate Guillermo Lasso challenges election results that give the victory to the ruling party candidate.. see more
ARGENTINAThe Mapuche vs. Benetton, the conflict lingers on
Fernanda Sández
The recovery of their ancestral land means a “return home” for the Mapuche community.. see more
COLOMBIAThe “baby boom” of the FARC
Susan Abad
Once strictly prohibited, pregnancies among female guerillas shot up as the peace process took shape.. see more
EL SALVADORCreativity and advocacy to prevent the spread of HIV
Edgardo Ayala
Information regarding the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases is disseminated through theatre plays and school campaigns.. see more
DOMINICAN REPUBLICPlan to combat HIV/AIDS puts aside the focus on prevention
Gabriela Read
New strategy concentrates on the diagnosis to at-risk groups and the handout of antiretroviral medications.. see more
NICARAGUAHousewives at risk of contracting HIV
Carmen Herrera
International agencies recognize policies for prevention and care of people infected with HIV, but late diagnosis could elevate the mortality rate.. see more
LATIN AMERICA / THE CARIBBEANViolence and inequality persist
Latinamerica Press
Rhetoric that goes against human rights, racist and discriminatory abounds in political campaigns and the media.. see more

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